About Us


As a group we know there are awesome barrel racers and super competitive horses in the area. Our goal is to keep barrel racing thriving in our region. We will strive to work together and gather members with this same goal in mind. If the thought of continuing to compete with a group of comrades for good cash money is exciting to you, join us this year to keep barrel racing thriving in our region with a simple, back to basics approach to what barrel racing should be about! Join us for good friends, good barrel racing and good cash pay-out. The exciting part is that you can help increase the Finals member money by participating, volunteering and doing what you love to do every weekend – barrel race!!

This is a non-profit organization. We are all doing this as volunteers. All profit goes back into the organization.

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Our Mission

At CCBR our mission is to offer good cash pay-outs at every show. You don’t need to be a member to run at our shows and there are no extra fees – but membership has its advantages! Our final show is scheduled for October 10th & 11th, 2020 at Twisted W Arena in Palmyra, MO. All qualified members entered at this final will be automatically entered into a members-only sidepot estimated at $3000-$5000 for no additional entry fee.

Our goal is to provide a kid friendly zone by reaching more pee wee & youth with prizes at CCBR shows!

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Formed in 2015 by

Mike & Kathy Wear
Sandy Glass
Lisa Patrick
Allison Clarke
Nanette Schneider

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Meet the Team

Mike and Kathy Wear are the owners of Twisted W Arena with daughter, Lauryn, who is an avid barrel racer.

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Isabelle Jones

Show Director & Barrel Racer

Sabrina Sparks

Show Organizer, Barrel Racer & Photographer

Stephanie Baze

Show Organizer & Barrel Racer

Cash Cans Barrel Racing uses BarrelTime (Barrel Racing Show Manager). We currently have 567 riders in the database.